‘Dahlia’ mirror, vue 01

‘Dahlia’ mirror

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)


'Dahlia' mirror
circa 1965

Black and beige talosel mirror encrusted with irisdescent orange and beige mirrors. Signed ‘Line Vautrin’ and stamp « ROI » on the back of the mirror. The structure presents a beige talosel wavy ring, like a corolla, topped by a black talosel ring inscrusted with iridescent beige and orange stick mirrors. The central part is composed by a large black talosel ring entirely dotted. The back is entirely scored. Original convex mirror. This small model of mirror is extremely rare, it is one of the most delicate mirror Line Vautrin has created. Due to its conception and its quality workmanship, this mirror is most remarkable. This mirror has not been restored, it presents its original condition.

Diameter 11,5 cm (4 ½ in)