“Papillons” display cabinet, vue 01
“Papillons” display cabinet, vue 01
“Papillons” display cabinet, vue 01

“Papillons” display cabinet

Jean-Charles Moreux (1889-1956)

"Papillons" display cabinet
Circa 1930

Nickel-plated display cabinet containing, between two glass plates, a composition with naturalized multi-coloured butterflies. It stands on a modernist base in nickel-plated and plain glass tile. This model was presented in the Les Cadres shop at the occasion of the exhibition « Variations sur un thème d’histoire naturelle » in 1936.

Height 17 3/8 in (44 cm)
Width 29 ¼ in. (74 cm)
Depth 7 ½ in. (19 cm)

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