Yonel Lebovici

Yvon Poullain 2003

Catalog of the exhibition “Yonel Lebovici 1937-1998” organized in the private museum, in Square Vergennes, Paris 15th, by the collector and sponsor Yvon Poullain.

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“Yonel Lebovici in a perpetually changing environment

Yvon Poullain, leading manufacturer of Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising fro the cosmetic and perfume industries, is now a patron and collector. It was his idea to create the first exhibition dedicated to the work of his friend Yonel Lebovici, within a culturel area: 15 square de Vergennes, in a town house built by Robert Mallet-Stevens in 1932 for the master glass artist Louis Barillet, in the 15th district of Paris. (…)”

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